Kita Kalinka in Berlin Reinickendorf
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Our Concept

What is the special at our kindergarten?

We offer a support on the highest level of experienced padagogues with university education to the children. Apart from occupations, which are to promote the musical and choreographic abilities of the children, and much more besides, we put the special stress to sport occupations on the language development of the children.

Multilingualness is today no absolute new fact in a kindergarten. What do we make differently?

We consider the development of our society and the increasing meaning of knowledge of one or more foreign languages, everything in front the English language. We support the children in addition, not to forget the valuable knowledge of their native language (if not the German). Naturally the special stress is on the training of the German language. So that the children can converse however in several languages their age accordingly freely, it requires more than only two or three short activities in the respective language. The characteristic of our support plans to ensure the entire support in a certain language. After discussions with parents we will determine, with which languages the largest pent-up demand exists and this accordingly individually for each child to consider.

How do we see our task?

We accompany the children a long time in their life up to the entrance into preschool or school. We understand ourselves as good friends, who support parents professionally during the education of their children and prepare their children well for preschool or school. Our success will especially be seen, if the child is educated as soon as possible by our teachers.